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Linda Kirk

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"Life changer. Those two simple words best describe Linda for me. Linda contacted me while I was searching for my next opportunity after I had lost my previous job. At first I wasn’t quite sure what to make of the request for the call and thought it might possibly be yet another LinkedIn scam of someone trying to “help me”. LOL. Looking back on that first exchange I can only laugh at myself for thinking that. Within ten minutes I knew that the opportunity to start my own business was a prayer answered and that Linda was definitely who I wanted helping me to reach that goal."

Curtis Martin of Coach Linda Kirk 


I have been fortunate to work with several executive coaches over the past few years but working with Linda has been a game changer. Many coaches focuses on their area of expertise but Linda is all encompassing when it comes to reviewing your career, personal strengths and career objectives. She does a wonderful job of painting the entire picture as opposed to just one area of career assessment or the job search. Plus, she is genuine and a very personable person, is very intelligent and has a sense of humor, she understands what life is all about! You won't be disappointed!

Mike Guerrette of Coach Linda Kirk   

"In my role in HR over the past several years, I've paid a lot of money for executive coaches for other leaders in my organizations, and can unequivocally say that Linda's coaching talent is on par (or even better than!) many of those worked with previously. It is clear Linda listens intently to ensure she is hearing what is said and what may not be said in a specific instance, then demonstrates a tremendous ability to use what she has absorbed to help guide one in the direction they should head. This is not a talent I believe which comes naturally to anyone, yet it is one which she so-clearly lives out as she works with you. To say that I feel blessed to have crossed paths with her at this critical point in my career/life would be a major understatement ! If you or your organization are in need of an experienced, wise, trusted career coach, I would recommend Linda without reservation and would highly recommend her. "

Brad Holliday of Coach Linda Kirk   


"Linda Kirk at The Entrepreneur’s Source is passionate about helping guide people towards their next career move. She is professional,intelligent and extremely dedicated. Linda’s knowledge of the franchise world can help you best identify the business model that suits you and your unique goals."


Tasha Curry of Coach Linda Kirk